This was definitely money well spent! Deborah is a very friendly person, who was extremely pleasant to work with. An added plus; she loaded all of the donatable items in her car, to drop off at various charitable organizations. I look forward to having her back again very soon!

Diane M.

Office organizing - Deborah was decisive, focused, motivating yet compassionate. In one session, I got rid of years worth of paperwork, books, etc. It was just the jumpstart I needed!

Camille M.

Deborah was very pleasant to work with and provided several suggestions for organizing the family room. I appreciated her flexibility with the schedule and willingness to go with the flow. With her help, the family room is much more neat and organized! Thank you Deborah! :)

Jane K.

We had a big project to take on with decluttering and transforming our kids play room from a baby room to a kids play area. Deborah was awesome with helping us thinking through ideas before the big day. We are very happy with the end result!

Sharon K.

Awesome service, very innovative organizing skills and nice to work with. My living space is usable again and I can now find things neatly labeled in storage containers.

Dennis G.

Thank you so much! I can't stop staring at my clean and organized bookcase, kitchen, and bathroom. Deborah is awesome and has a lot of great creative ideas! Plus she makes organizing fun and enjoyable! I did not realize how much space was being taken up by trash.

Alyssa C.

Deborah was both respectful and friendly and came up with great solutions to my clutter problem! My place looks great and I have ideas for more things I can do to improve storage space in my home. Things are in logical places that work for me. I regained tons of space! Well worth it! Deborah was respectful and nonjudgmental and we have accomplished a lot so far!

Karen F.

I had a paper pile up issue which got out of control. Deborah found the root cause of my clutter problem and tackled the issue. I'm writing this flabbergasted at the results. In one afternoon Deborah accomplished more than I could ever have dreamed of in such a short period of time. Deborah is skilled at noticing every detail and creating a plan and vision for a successful and organized end result.

Tara M.

Deborah tailored her service to exactly what I needed. Helped me declutter and organize my home and garage, provided non-judgmental advice on what to keep and give away, and handled the donations for me. She has great ideas of which charities to donate to, made it easier for me to give away items knowing they would be used by others. She made the whole experience fun and manageable.

Mary A.

Nina Z.

I live in an apartment that is less than 500 square feet and have been struggling hardcore with closet organization. I felt like I wasn't utilizing my space wisely and that I didn't have a place for everything. For me this just led to more disorganization and I hit a wall where I felt like I couldn't get done what I wanted on my own. In 6 hours Deborah brought order to my space. We went through every item of my clothing/accessories and I decided what I would keep, donate, or take to consignment. Of what I kept, she folded, hung, color coordinated every piece of clothing and put it back in my closet in a way that I would have never imagined. She showed me great ways to fold clothes so things look neat and that allows you to fit more! She takes things to homeless shelters, women's shelters, etc. There were things that I thought I should just throw away thinking that it was too old and not in good condition, but she didn't let me because she knew that someone else could use it. I am so happy that Deborah could help me in such a huge way. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!

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